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Our honey,
natural sweetness


Honey is an ancestral sweet. The bees make the honey from the nectar of the flowers, which contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and that is why it is considered the natural sweetener.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our trusted beekeepers, we collect and select the best honeys from our land.

Our honey, <br /> natural sweetness
Our honey, <br /> our turron

Our honey,
our turron


The distinguishing feature of Alemany Turron is due to a recipe from the 19th century that gives the confection its characteristic whiteness.

Baked slowly, local nuts and a carefully selected rosemary honey are part of a secret that gives our Turron its special taste.



Alemany condiment with honey is a product from our gourmet family, lovingly made with vinegar from organic Cabernet Sauvignon and muscat grapes and with our orange and chestnut honeys.

Sweet condiment for curious palates.

Honey <br /> condiments
Mediterranean <br /> nuts



The Marcona almond is one of the essentials of Alemany. In our Mediterranean nuts premium line, we select the best, the greatest, the highest quality. Almonds from the land that we caramelize with our honeys.

The marcona almond, the star of Mediterranean nuts.