CSR - Corporate social responsibility

Alemany DNA:
generating social impact and commitment to the land and to the environmentt

From our origins, we have been staunch defenders of the rural world and its people, of the non-robotisation of production processes in favour of the employment of people and the humanisation of companies.

The Alemany family has shown that a better world is possible if we all make it possible.

The fact is that around sixty people with disabilities work side by side with our brand every day at four special work centres in the Lleida area. To give an example: all of our labels are attached manually, often with a perfectly imperfect result.

In fact, our commitment to the human touch has enabled us to avoid relocating and to clearly commit to making our vision a reality: to bring our Montsec products to the world and to help showcase this land beyond our borders, given that our company exports worldwide.

In order to generate the minimum impact on the environment, at Torrons i Mel Alemany, we prioritise, as far as possible, that the containers and packaging of our products contain recyclable and sustainable materials, such as glass or cardboard.

In this sense, all of our honeys are served in glass containers with the aim of giving them a second life.