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Unique honey from each region and season

A pot of unique, maximum-quality honey with a special taste

We at Alemany are constantly trying to find the most special and unique kinds of honey
produced by the finest beekeepers in the Iberian Peninsula. The very nature of our search means that we are left with a highly limited selection with an extraordinary and unrepeatable taste, with a final product that is conditioned by the unique conditions of each season and region of the peninsula. This is something, we feel, that captures the essence of the Mediterranean.

A honey pot: the crown jewel of beekeeping

Our spring-summer selection is notable for its unusually light colour and unique taste, which stands out for its mild and pleasant sweetness. Transport your senses to the Spanish region of Aragón, where a mountainous landscape is shrouded in a distinctly Mediterranean climate.

This honey is extraordinarily mature due to the drought that has hit Spain this year. Every last drop of nectar collected by the bees was highly concentrated, lending the honey a unique maturity.

We at Alemany are honey selectors of unmatched experience and passion, which allows us
to discover the finest honey of the Iberian Peninsula and provide it to our customers. Our
honey can vary greatly depending on the season and the region of Spain in which it was
, with varying aromas, flavours and properties.

The Alemany Selection Honey is the result of our beekeeper's painstaking efforts, our wealth of experience as honey selectors and our passion for the art of beekeeping.